10 Qualities of Strong Women

10 Qualities of Strong Women

Strong women are found everywhere: from single mothers to political leaders, these women have inspired positive change throughout history. But what exactly does it does mean to be a strong woman?

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of a strong woman. While we might have different ideas about what strong women look and behave like, these women all share certain characteristics that make them who they are.

Here are 10 qualities shared by strong women everywhere:

1.     They speak their mind

You will recognize a strong woman by the way she expresses her thoughts. She will always speak her mind and won’t hold back just to appease others.

Because of societal pressures and the way we raise boys and girls differently, women often feel like they should keep their opinions to themselves and avoid conflict at all costs. But a strong woman doesn’t let anybody intimidate her into silence. A strong woman is genuine, assertive, and confident which means you’ll never have to wonder what she’s thinking – she’ll simply tell you.

2.     They take risks

Nothing great happens in your comfort zone and strong women know this better than anyone. Think of someone you consider a strong woman and you’ll realize that one of the main reasons why this woman popped into your mind is precisely her willingness to take risks.

Strong women are not afraid of failure because they know that every mistake is a learning opportunity. They know that going just a little bit further than everyone else is the only path to greatness.

3.     They are independent

Being independent is often defined as being able to pay your way through life without outside help. While financial independence is extremely important for women, being independent is much more than that.

To put it simply, an independent woman is a woman who gets things done. She is self-sufficient, open to learning, motivated, and comfortable in her own skin. Independent women don’t seek outside validation for their accomplishments, but they don’t complain when things go wrong either. Strong women take matters into their own hands and make the best of their circumstances.

4.     They know their worth

Strong women know that when respect is no longer served, it’s time to leave the table. Having a strong character means knowing your own worth and having the capacity to do the right thing even when you don’t want to.

This doesn’t mean strong women don’t know how to compromise. On the contrary, women who are strong know that strength comes from being flexible and adaptable. But when it comes to self- respect, strong women allow no room for compromise – and rightfully so.

5.     They never give up

Perseverance is one of the most important characteristics of strong women. A strong woman knows that life is not a straight line, but a series of ups and downs. Being strong means being able to pick yourself up after each setback and never stop pushing toward your goals.

Women are often told they should sacrifice their careers for the sake of family and vice versa. Strong women, however, know that if they just moving forward, they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

6.     They are open-minded

Closed-minded people don’t like their opinions being questioned. These people get upset when somebody disagrees with them and simply refuse to see things from another’s perspective. They are stuck in their ways and their lives are limited by their unwillingness to learn.

Does this sound like a strong woman trait? Of course not. Strong women may be opinionated and outspoken in dialogue, but they also know that conversations are a two-way street.

A strong woman can calmly listen to opposing opinions without feeling attacked or getting defensive. She knows that the strength of an individual and society as a whole lies in the acceptance of different perspectives.

7.     They look on the bright side

We are constantly bombarded with news about tragedies and injustices happening around the world and we often resort to negative thinking as a defense mechanism. But this is the easy way out. Maintaining a positive attitude, on the other hand, takes real strength and courage – and strong women know this.

It takes genuine strength of character to find a silver lining even in the darkest of times. Strong women are able to focus on the positive things in their life even when it looks like their whole world is crashing down. They know that hardship can teach us many valuable lessons but only if we stay positive and focused on the big picture.

8.     They have a sense of humor

If your idea of a strong woman is a woman with a stern look on her face who never pokes fun at herself, you have a wrong idea of what emotional strength is. Women who are truly strong don’t take themselves or life too seriously.

A healthy sense of humor is a sign of a strong character. You’ll know that a woman is strong when she can make light of any situation while at the same time making sure not to cross the boundary of respect or good taste.

9.     They are vulnerable

There is a common misconception that being strong means never letting others see your vulnerable side. Research, however, tells us that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Only a mentally strong person will dare to be vulnerable in front of other people. Strong women don’t bury their emotions and pretend everything is fine. They have the courage to be vulnerable because they know that each time we choose to embrace our vulnerability we grow even stronger and more resilient.  

10. They build other women up

Comparing yourself to other women and seeing them as threats instead of allies does not make you strong. After all, a woman who puts other women down in order to feel good about herself is a woman who is deeply insecure.

Strong women have an unshakable sense of confidence and they use it to empower other women. They know that only by building each other up can we hope to achieve a more accepting society where no woman will feel the need to compete with the others.





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