5 Reasons To Start Your Day With Pineapple Water

5 Reasons To Start Your Day With Pineapple Water

Did you know that adding pineapple to your water is a super simple way to boost your health? Pineapples are loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals that can do everything from boosting your immune system to helping you lose weight.

Here are 5 health reasons you should drink more pineapple infused water:

1.     Boosts immune system

Pineapple water is a rich source of Vitamin C with one cup providing a third of the recommended daily intake. It is also rich in other immune-boosting nutrients, including vitamins B2, manganese, beta-carotene, and other healthy antioxidants.

One study found that schoolchildren who consumed between one (140 g) and two cans (280 g) of canned pineapple for nine weeks had fewer viral and bacterial infections than children who didn’t eat any pineapple.

If eating two cans of pineapple a week is a bit too much for you, just throw in the chunks in a    pitcher of water and drink it throughout the day to get the same health benefits.

2.     Strengthens bones

Drinking pineapple water is an easy way to increase your intake of manganese, a mineral that supports bone strength and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Research shows that manganese is necessary for the healthy production of cartilage and collagen in bones. While manganese deficiency is rare, women with osteoporosis have been found to have low levels of manganese in the blood.

Drinking pineapple water or filtered pineapple juice is an excellent way to increase manganese since one serving contains over 100% of the recommended daily intake of this important mineral.

3.     Fights inflammation

Pineapple is the only known fresh source of bromelain, a natural enzyme that has a long history of use in traditional medicine.

   Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, bromelain has been used for the treatment of a number of conditions, including bronchitis, sinus infection, blood clots, surgical trauma, and wound healing.

   One study also found that combining bromelain with antibiotics helps the body absorb the medicine and improves its effectiveness.

4.     Helps with weight loss

You’ve probably heard that lemon water can improve digestion and help with weight loss, but did you know that pineapple water is even more effective?

Bromelain in pineapple improves digestive processes and stimulates metabolism. It can also improve the regulation of blood sugar levels and help you fight sugar cravings.

On top of it all, pineapple water is low in calories which makes it a healthy (and delicious) substitute for juice and soda.

5.     Improves mood

Pineapple is one of those amazing superfoods that don’t just taste good but can make you feel good too. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, the enzyme bromelain in pineapples also has a positive effect on mood.

According to one clinical study conducted among 77 adults, the levels of anxiety before and after taking the pineapple-derived enzyme bromelain improved by 8.9%, while depression scores improved by 6.34%.

Pineapple water is also a good source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that plays a role in the synthesis of the ‘’happy hormone” serotonin.






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